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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bodyguard Telugu Movie Review

Venkatesh and Trisha again back in Body Guard Telugu film.  Bodyguard is a remake of the Malayalam film.  The film Bodyguard is a simple but decent love story with enough commercial ingredients to appeal to all sections of the audience. The film makes for a decent watch during this festive season. Venkatesh has not disappointed his fans and he is back on a winning track.

Cast                    : Venkatesh, Trisha Krishnan, Saloni Aswani
Director              : Gopichand Malineli
Music Director  : Thaman
Producer            : Bellamkonda Suresh

Venkatadri, Victory Venkatesh, is forever indebted to Peddayya, Prakash Raj, for saving him and his family from a car crash. Years pass and the kid who had been saved grows to be an angry fellow who cannot stick to one job. So, his uncle decides to send him as a bodyguard for Peddayya in the hope of setting him right. But, it is the man’s daughter, Trisha playing Keerthi, who is in need of a protection. So Venky ends up going to college with Keerthi to keep her safe from the threat of goons who appear now and then for poorly scripted reasons.

Venkatesh is cool and stylish. He does a perfect job. His comedy timing too is perfect. Trisha looks good and she makes a good pair with Venkatesh. The two come up with another winning performance. Saloni is okay. Ali is a little subdued. Prakash Raj and Kota are their usual self. Subba Raju, Tanikella Bharani and others have brief roles and they do justice to their roles.

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