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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I was feeling a little rusty : Madhuri

The original diva of Bollywood talks about her career, kids and forthcoming film.
Are you happy to be back home?

I have always said, I am a Mumbaichi mulgi and will remain the same. As far as coming to Mumbai is concerned, it's always a delight. I have been visiting the city regularly. It's just that I was not interacting with the media or giving any interviews. It's strange, people think if I am not giving interviews I am not visiting home (laughs).

How does it feel to working after a five-year break?

Oh, it was wonderful. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive on the first day, but once I was on the sets, it was fine. I was feeling a little rusty, but after shooting for two hours, I was back in form again.

Are you apprehensive about the fact that you don't have a male lead in Aaja Nachle?

I am not nervous at all. I think the story is unique and people will appreciate my performance. We must think positive.

It seems that you agreed to take up this film because you get to play a dancer. How far is it true?

Bingo! You would have won a jackpot if this had been the question. (Giggles) Jokes apart, I think you are correct. I play Diya in Aaja Nachle, an extremely strong and independent woman. She runs away from home with her boyfriend to New York. There she realises that the person she ran away with has changed. She is a choreographer by profession. When she returns, she finds people have changed. It’s the way she fights all odds that makes Divya so special.

You look the same Madhuri Dixit even after five years. Tell us about your look in the film?

I am playing the woman who has spent 10 years abroad. She is a choreographer who struggles in a man's world kind of a thing. She's not delicate so she has to look her part throughout the movie. I think that was the biggest challenge for Manish Malhotra to match my look with the character.

So how do your kids react when they see their mom's posters all over

I think Yashraj has gone all out to promote the film, and that's the best part about working with a prestigious production house, which takes care of everything. Whenever my kids would travel with me, they would see the poster and scream, "Mom that's you!" This time I didn't get them with me, because they have their classes.

Do you cook for your kids?

Yes, I do that often. In fact, I enjoy making food for them. My kids love dosas, and most of the time I try and make different kinds of dosas. They also love the typical Marathi varan bhaat and in Punjabi cuisine they love chicken tikka. So, I make sure they taste all kinds of food. By the way, Chinese cuisine is something which everyone in our family loves!

Source: Buzz18

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