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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Parent Information before permit their children to attend Movie

Parents are urged to learn as much about a film as possible before they permit their children to attend. Reading reviews and feature articles or speaking with your theater manager and friends are good ways to gather information in addition to the ratings. You can search this Web site for movie ratings and their reasons by clicking on the "Movie Search" button above.

Pause Parent Play is dedicated to helping parents choose which movies and TV shows their kids watch, songs they listen to and video games they play. The MPAA is part of this diverse coalition, which has introduced a Web site – – to provide parents with a one-stop place to find information about movies, music, television shows and games.

Other coalition members include the Girl Scouts of America, YMCA, Wal-Mart, the recording, movie, video game and cable industries, and many others.

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